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If you were charged with a hit and run while DUI, you need a good DUI lawyer to reduce the risk of a conviction, or of receiving significant penalties if you are found guilty. A DUI charge is serious, and coupled with a hit and run charge which is also serious, you may be facing significant jail time. This is especially true if you were responsible for someone getting injured or killed. It’s critical that you hire a seasoned DUI lawyer immediately. A simple misspoken word on your part can strengthen their case against you. With a DUI lawyer by your side and guiding you through the legal process, you can feel confident that your rights will be protected.

Laws Regarding Leaving the Scene of an Accident

As a DUI lawyer can tell you, it is a criminal misdemeanor charge to leave the scene of an accident without leaving your identification information. There are several ways how this may apply in your case:

  • An accident in which one of the parties suffered property damage and it does not matter who was at fault for causing the accident.
  • An accident in which you caused the accident but you were not directly responsible for their property damage.
  • An accident in which another party was killed or injured.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, your DUI lawyer will develop a legal strategy to defend you from the criminal charges against you.

DUI and Hit and Run Charges

When someone flees the scene of the accident in which someone is injured or there is property damage as a result, they have committed a serious crime and if caught, may be subject to arrest for a hit and run as well as a DUI charge. When these two crimes are committed at the same time, if the defendant is convicted, the Judge will likely sentence them to the maximum sentence owing to their seriousness. They may be charged, convicted, and sentenced for additional offenses as well such as manslaughter. If they hire a skilled DUI lawyer, they may be able to avoid many of these charges. If this describes your circumstances, contact us for a free consultation with a DUI lawyer to learn how they might be able to help you.

Potential Penalties for a Conviction for a DUI and Hit and Run

If you caused an accident while driving DUI, then committed a hit and, provided that nobody was injured or killed, you face the following possible penalties:

  • Ninety-six hours to six months in the county jail in the jurisdiction of where the crimes occurred.
  • Mandatory fine of between $300-$1,000
  • Mandatory participation in a DUI education class for several months duration.
  • Up to 10 months suspension of driving privileges.
  • Four points on your driving record.

If you are convicted for hurting or killing someone while DUI, the penalties are far greater, and your DUI lawyer can explain in more detail based on the circumstances of your case.

If you would like to know more about how a lawyer can defend you against a DUI or other criminal charges, contact a law office to schedule a consultation.

Source: Drunk Driving Lawyer Bloomington, IL, Pioletti & Pioletti