Electric scooters are becoming more popular in a variety of cities. Of course, with the rise in popularity, accidents have also become more common. If you’ve been injured in an electric scooter accident, then you’ll want to get in touch with an attorney who has experience and knowledge in the laws that control electric scooters. Here is how to start an electric scooter lawsuit.

Record Injuries

Like bicyclists, scooter riders have little to protect themselves during a collision. If you’re injured in an accident, make sure to keep your medical records. Go to the hospital directly after the accident. Even if you feel well afterwards, you could have injuries that go unnoticed. It’s crucial that you have complete documentation.

Consult an Attorney

If you’re ready to file a lawsuit, contact an attorney. Look for an accident attorney that has experience in dealing with electric scooter cases. The attorney can advise you on the next steps to take. He or she will know whether you have a case worth pursuing. Normally, the first consultation will be free. Most accident attorneys will work on a contingency fee. This means that he or she won’t receive payment unless you receive a reward. Generally, he or she will take a percentage of your award to cover costs.

Provide Documentation

Your attorney will ask for documentation of the accident. You will need to have police reports, medical files and any other documentation that the lawyer asks for. He or she will start to investigate your case and help you put together the strongest case possible. You should always listen to your attorney’s advice when it comes to starting a lawsuit. He or she will tell you who to speak to and what to say. More importantly, the lawyer will advise you on what not to say.

If you’re considering an electric scooter lawsuit, you need to act right away. All states have a statute of limitations on lawsuits involving accidents. If you have a personal injury claim, you need to report it as soon as possible. The best way to start an electric scooter is to talk to an accident attorney. The attorney will walk you through the steps of the lawsuit process. In addition, he or she will handle a lot of the case on his or her own. For instance, the lawyer will handle the investigation, court filing and other complexities. If you’re ready to reach out and talk to a Newark personal injury attorney today, contact an experienced law firm like Rispoli & Borneo, P.C..