Workers Injury Lawyer

There are all kinds of injuries that can occur in the workplace. These injuries can cost both the employer and the employee valuable time and money. Most, if not all, of these injuries can be avoided if the property safety and regulations are being followed.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common workplace injuries that happened. You’ve also included some tips to help you prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Trips, Slips, And Falls 

 Slips, trips, and falls account for one-third of all personal injuries in the workplace. They’re also a top cause of all worker’s compensation claims. These types of injuries can include head, back, and neck injuries, as well as broken bones, cuts, sprains, and pulled muscles. Here are some of the most common reasons for falls in the workplace:

  • Slips: If the area is wet or oily, then the slip can easily happen. Other causes of slips are weather hazards, the icy steps or even loose rugs.
  • Trips: Poor lighting, clutter, wrinkled carpets or rugs, uncovered cables, and uneven walking services are some of the top reasons people trip at work.

Being Struck or Caught in Moving Machinery 

 An accident can happen to anyone working with heavy machinery. The most common places for accidents involving machinery are in factories, those that work with farm equipment, and construction sites. If a machine isn’t properly guarded, it quickly becomes a safety hazard to anyone around it. When a machine doesn’t have the proper guards, people can quickly get body parts caught in or struck by the exposed moving parts or any flying objects that the machine produces. There is a long and horrifying list of the types of injuries that can happen if the machine doesn’t have the proper protection surrounding it.

Fire And Explosions 

If there is a fire or an explosion is often caused by things such as a faulty gas line, improperly stored combustible materials, or open flames. Explosions and fires account for about 3% of workplace injuries and have the highest casualty rate of all probable workplace accidents. There are four types of injuries that can happen and those are: 

  • Primary Blast: When there is pressure on the body tissue, it often affects the ears, lungs, and GI tract and causes them damage. 
  • Secondary Blast: When workers are struck by flying objects. 
  • Tertiary Blast: When a worker is lifted off the ground by an explosion. 
  • Quaternary Blast: When everything happens as a result of an explosion, such as burns, crush injuries, and inhalation of toxic substances. 

Workplace accidents are terrifying and often have serious injuries. We know that they can feel overwhelming and that is why we suggest finding a worker’s injury lawyer, like our friends at Therman Law Offices, LTD, to help you through your case during this time.