Being involved in a pedestrian accident can be frightening and result in a variety of injuries. If the driver was at fault and if you are able, calling the police right away can be a wise course of action. You may have injuries you are not yet aware of and if these need treatment later, you will probably want a detailed report of the accident. When the police arrive, there are several pieces of information to give them that may help you make a legal claim against the driver so your injuries and other damages can be properly covered.

1. Your Personal Information

Provide the police with your full name, address and phone number. If the accident occurred during your working hours, such as if you were hit while on a break or lunch, give the cops your employer’s name and phone number so he or she can be informed of the accident. You might also want to supply the cops with an emergency contact number, such as that of your spouse, parents or a close friend, especially if you know you will need medical treatment.

2. A Description of Your Injuries

Once the police arrive on the scene, they will probably ask if you are injured and where. Let them know whether you received a blow to the head or if you believe you have one or more broken bones. The first responders who arrive on the scene will likely assess your physical condition, but letting the police know you have been injured can allow them to begin a written report right away.

3. Who Was at Fault

If the driver who hit you has already admitted blame, let the police know and ask that his or her name and contact information be taken down. If you are uncertain of the circumstances of the accident or the driver denies fault, the police may take statements from you both. It is important to give details exactly as you remember them, as changing or adding information may affect any legal case you try to build later on.

4. Names of Witnesses

If the accident happened in a crowded area or if you were with friends, have witnesses supply the police with their contact information and ask them to give statements. If you are taken to the hospital right away due to your injuries, ask your friends to gather this information for you so valuable eyewitness accounts can be gathered for later use.

Pedestrian accidents can happen unexpectedly and have devastating results for you as the victim. Contact an attorney today if you believe you are owed compensation for your injuries.

Source: Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT, Rasmussen & Miner