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American adults are rarely idle. We have jobs to do, people to see, information to process, children to raise and Netflix to watch. It seems that time spent pondering “the bigger things” is increasingly rare and therefore increasingly precious. What few moments you have to sit with your thoughts are uniquely valuable. And for both better and worse, if you have not yet constructed a full and complete estate plan, you need to spend some of those precious moments tackling some difficult questions.

Why do you need to tackle tough estate planning questions now? Especially if you are young, healthy and do not have substantial financial assets, these issues may not seem at all urgent. But the unexpected may occur at any time. It is therefore critically important that you contemplate these questions now in order to ensure that your loved ones are not left wondering what your wishes might be in the event of your incapacitation or untimely death.

Important Estate Planning Questions to Consider

Once you have booked a few moments of quiet for yourself, you can prepare for a consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney by grappling with any of the following questions that may be relevant to your unique situation. Once you have an idea of what your wishes may be, working with a lawyer to draw up a complete and enforceable estate plan will no longer be such a daunting task.

  1. If you are a parent to minor and/or special needs children, who do you want to assume guardianship if those children’s parents are both deceased?
  2. If you are incapacitated due to illness or injury, who would you like to make any necessary medical decisions on your behalf? Would you like the same (or a different) person to make any necessary financial decisions on your behalf?
  3. How do you envision your end-of-life care? Would you like all available measures to be taken to ensure your survival or are their limits you would like to be respected?
  4. How would you like your body cared for after you die?
  5. How do you want your valuable and/or sentimental property and assets distributed after your death?
  6. Who will care for your pets when you no longer can?
  7. Who should (and should not) be granted access to your digital accounts in the event of incapacitation or death?

Estate Planning Guidance Is Available

If you have yet to complete a fully realized estate plan, please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with an experienced estate planning attorney today. Beginning the process of ensuring that you have all relevant estate planning documents in place (and that they are both current and fully enforceable) is undeniably intimidating. However, you do not have to navigate this critically important process alone. While you may need to think carefully about your wishes, as they relate to your assets, medical preferences, burial options, etc., an experienced estate planning attorney will be able to take all of the legal “heavy lifting” off your shoulders. In addition, an experienced attorney will understand how to make the estate planning process as low-stress, yet effective, as possible.

Tackling tough estate planning considerations is never easy. However, you do have the ability to access experienced support and guidance for the remainder of this process. Please don’t hesitate. None of us truly knows when our estate plans will become urgent business. Call a law firm today in order to explore your estate planning options.

Source: Estate Lawyer Roseville, CA, Yee Law Group