With so many vehicles on the road, it is no secret that car accidents are an everyday hazard for many people. Most car accidents are completely avoidable and are caused by another driver’s carelessness, inattention, or blatant disregard for safety.

With so many accidents happening every day, there is a common set of accidents that happen more frequently than others. While every collision is unique, there are patterns to how crashes occur. Being aware of them could easily help you avoid an accident and ensure that you can be on the road as safely as possible.

Types of Car Accidents 

Here are some of the most common types of car accidents that happen every day, according to our friends at Norris Law.

Rear-End Collisions 

By far the most common collisions that happen are rear-end collisions. These are often the result of drivers failing to pay attention to the road or following too closely. When a driver doesn’t maintain enough space between another vehicle, they can lack the time required to brake and avoid the collision in traffic if a sudden stop is necessary. Things like drowsy driving, impaired driving, and driving while distracted are also common contributors to collisions.

Injuries in rear-end collisions run from minor to severe. Even at those speeds, there is a risk that accident victims can develop severe injuries such as broken bones, neck injuries, and damage to the spinal cord.

Head-On Collisions 

By far, the most dangerous type of crash is the head-on collision. While they are less common than other types of auto accidents, they still make this list. Because both vehicles are moving towards each other, the force of impact is magnified. Because of this, haed on collisions are far more likely to result in severe injuries or death than other types of car accidents.

Some common causes of head-on collisions include distracted driving, driving while impaired, driver fatigue, speeding, and reckless driving. The injuries from these types of collisions are often severe and require a lengthy medical procedure to correct.

Side-Impact Collisions 

A side-impact collision is also known as being T-boned, as this is when a vehicle moving in one direction strikes another vehicle at a perpendicular angle. The side-impact collisions are especially dangerous for the occupants in the vehicle that is struck on its side. The side of vehicles has less mass to observe the impact and in many vehicles, there are no airbags.

Most side impact collisions are because drivers fail to yield, fail to stop at intersections, or disregard traffic signs and signals. A driver who is distracted, impaired, or driving recklessly are some of the main reasons side-impact collisions happen.

Being in a car accident is already overwhelming, and therefore, we suggest working with a car accident lawyer to ensure everything is handled and you get the compensation you deserve.