Ideally, your company or organization will never be sued or hit with an injury claim from someone who says they were injured because of negligence by one of your employees. However, as a liability lawyer might tell you, the chances of being involved in litigation increases the proportionately to the size of your company, the number of employees you have, the number of customers who visit your location, and the level of danger associated with the jobs performed by your employees.

When someone is hurt or killed, the event will almost surely be reported on the news whether it’s the nightly TV news, the local newspapers, radio newscasts, or all of the above. Generally speaking, the victim receives the support of the community, even if the harm they suffered was due to their own actions. In situations like these, the business owner may greatly benefit from hiring a PR firm. A PR firm is not just for Hollywood film studios. In fact, they provide a great number of services that can make all the difference when a business is at risk of losing customers because of negative media attention.

Getting in Front of the Problem

Pretending that a lawsuit or injury claim will go away on its own is rarely a good strategy. In addition to having a good lawyer on your side, you need a good PR firm to protect your company’s hard earned reputation within the community. By taking a proactive stand, you are more likely to successfully weather the storm. Your PR firm may recommend publicly taking responsibility for any wrongs committed by an employee of your company, but it can be accompanied by positive actions you are taking to prevent such mistakes in the future. In this way, by coming forward and being truthful, you may not lose customers. In fact, you may gain respect amongst your existing customer base, and increase your market share because of the positive changes you implement. A PR firm based will be familiar with your customer demographics, their spending patterns, and the concerns they may have that could affect their purchasing decisions. This in turn will allow them to customize a PR strategy that puts your company in the best light possible. If appropriate to the situation, it’s important that your company presents your side of the story, and not leave the public with only the version from the other side. This is particularly true if the other side’s story is not accurate, or they are defaming your company in a public manner. With the legal guidance provided by your attorney, your PR firm can handle the public response in a responsible and positive manner.

Protect Your Company’s Reputation

It may not be enough to hire a lawyer; it may also benefit your company to hire a PR firm. If you are unsure of whether or not you need one, contact a PR firm in your area to ask what services they offer and give them a brief overview of your situation. You may find that a PR firm, like a public relations agency in New York, New York such as Goldman McCormick PR, is exactly what your company needs.