As an attorney, there is much more to starting a legal practice than hanging your shingle on the front door and offering services to the public. One important consideration when building a successful law firm is the aid of a public relations firm, like a public relations company in New York, NY at Goldman McCormick PR. There are many reasons as to why an attorney should work with PR including, growing a successful practice, and managing the media when working a high profile case. The importance of this is to allow the attorney to focus on the legalities of the case for a successful outcome.

Growing a Successful Law Practice

Utilizing a public relations agency may be beneficial in providing successful representation to your firm. In order for a firm to be successful, they must be able to attract clientele. When someone is looking for an attorney they will do so in a number of ways: Internet searches, knowing a name by recognition and word of mouth, to name a few. Public relations can help a law firm to gain exposure in all facets. An example of this may be by consulting around legal issues on media outlets such as the news. A public relations firm will be able to protect the image of a law firm, keeping their reputation intact.

High Profile Cases

When a criminal case receives major media attention, public relations can help manage media outlets. PR can be useful in strategizing the information that the media receives and helping to paint a picture that works to the advantage of the case. They can be useful in providing consultation with the legal team to listen to strategies being considered for the courtroom argument. They can even provide helpful insight into how the general public may respond to how the attorney and client may be coming across in the courtroom.

Controlling the Conversation

People have access to a wealth of information. Information can be made available to the public within moments of it happening. Public relations can help to manage the conversation that is happening around a law practice and high profile cases through a variety of ways. They will be able to issue press releases and manage social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. PR people often hold relationships with the media, because of this; they can use those contacts to give information that may be helpful in highly publicized legal situations.

Protecting the Client’s Image

Sometimes, well known people or businesses are under public scrutiny when caught in legal situations. Examples of this could include famous clientele, when a product has been recalled or a company is being sued. Public relations firms can support attorneys by managing the media and the image of the client so that the attorney can focus on managing case legalities and potentially going to trial.

There are many reasons an attorney may decide to use a public relations firm. Ultimately, they can help to build a growing practice by managing the reputation of the law firm and providing support to high profile legal cases.